Murray Local Land Services
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Murray Mail Bag is sent out every two months, and it contains updates on our various projects and achievements throughout the region, profiles on our staff and how they carry out our services, reports on events and workshops, and general news about agriculture, biosecurity and natural resource management. 

NRM News is our quarterly e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date with our Natural Resource Management projects, achievements and events.

Our Production Advice Monthly includes a seasonal condition report, climate outlook, agronomy and biosecurity advice, and notification of important upcoming events in the region.

Production Alerts are sent out on an as-needs basis and contain important, real-time information about pest, disease and climatic threats. 
For those with very specific interests, we also send out the following specialised information on an as-needs basis:

Agronomy and Rice Production, by agronomist John Fowler

Dairy and Irrigation Information, by agronomist Adrian Smith 

Livestock Events and Information, by Senior Land Services Officer Gen Reardon

Travelling Stock Reserves, provides information you need to know about the management of travelling stock reserves within our region.

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